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About This Fundraiser

Prof. Dana has served faithfully at YUST since 1997. He is the type of faculty member that embodies the true heart and mission of the school. Last year, he started experiencing periodic chest pain while teaching classes at YUST. During his current visit with family in Chicago over winter break, he visited his doctor and was diagnosed with myocardial infarction (a.k.a. a heart attack). On February 1, 2018, he underwent coronary bypass surgery. His financial needs to cover medical bills and his post surgery recovery time in Chicago are great. Please help us provide for this brother in need by making a donation today. No amount is too small to make a difference!

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About YUST Faculty

All faculty members who receive donations through NAE Project have set up personal donation pages. Please contact the faculty member to whom you wish to give, and he/she will provide you with the link to their personal page. You can also reach NAE Project at admin@naeproject.org.

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