YUST 30 Year Memory Book

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This fundraiser supports Yanbian University of Science & Technology

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About This Fundraiser

In commemoration of thirty years of life-changing ministry at YUST, faculty members are preparing a book to capture the precious memories, pictures, and testimonies that occurred at YUST over the past three decades. Help us reach our goal of $6,000 to cover design and printing costs for this project so that these memories can be shared for many years to come!

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About Yanbian University of Science & Technology

As the first Chinese joint-venture university founded through the collaboration of the People’s Republic of China and numerous volunteers, Yanbian University of Science & Technology (YUST) has grown to become one of the top universities in the Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture of China. The university hopes to prepare its students to become leaders for the next generation of China and the world at large. Acting as role models, the international YUST professors are devoted to their students’ academic development to see them become individuals of service to their community, country, and the world. YUST establishes a firm commitment to educate based on the principles of creativity, cooperation, and volunteerism to further the university’s motto of “truth, peace, love.”

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